A friend in need …

You know the saying. Indeed, let’s talk about technical support.

Most of the time your Time&Space will work just fine. We have people using Time&Space for years without ever raising a single incident. If you take care of the usual good IT practices, you will not have much issues.

But there is a catch. “Good IT practices” is not just making backups. Good IT practice is to assess your operational risks and have a contingency plan. Good IT practice is to know who to call if something goes wrong, and to have a sensible guaranteed response time. Recommended IT practice is to have a SLA, signed “service level” agreement with your local supplier/integrator.

If you are like most of our users, you do. Normally, our authorised partners provide technical support to their customers, through their SLA package.

That package will normally include our Software Upgrade and Premium Support (SUPS) service. This service covers some important benefits like free software upgrades and 2nd level case support through your authorised supplier.

So, if your supplier’s SLA includes SUPS, you are covered. Our authorised partners have our back-to-back support for all cases covered with SUPS. In addition to that, if you need to call our support directly for any reason, with SUPS, you will have a massive 40% discount on direct support coupons. Just in case.

For more on our direct support and SUPS, please check the For Users page.