Many small offices? Meet MATT!

Putting a full-spec time clock in every office can be costly, especially for a bunch of dispersed offices, each with just a handful of people.

Up until now, a popular solution for budget clocking was our WCP (Web Clocking Portal) module. It can certainly save the day, but frankly, using an office computer to clock via browser is not very convenient, neither is it a very reliable solution. At best, it is an acceptable compromise.

An increasingly popular solution is smartphone clocking, but again, not everybody can or wants to use their personal phone for time clocking.

So what about low-cost time clocks in general? Even if we assume that there are no concerns with quality, or continuity (future availability and compatibility) of low-cost time clocks floating on the market, there is still one big issue: hidden cost of installing and managing remote terminals.

This is where MATT comes in. MATT is low-cost because it is not actually a dedicated time clock. It is a generic Android device for professional use which just happens to be perfectly usable as a time clock. It is not a phone, it does not have street value, it is much more robustly built, it runs on battery, connects through WiFi or mobile network and reads standard NFC compatible RFID badges. And most importantly, it is managed through internet, meaning that all lifecycle maintenance, such as upgrading the OS or the app, happens quietly in the background. The management is covered through the purchase price, there are no recurring fees.

All that makes MATT very attractive choice for covering even the smallest remote offices. We will be selling MATT for the introductory price of EUR 350.- (minimum quantity of five). For more information see the brochure and contact your local Spica partner.