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A friend in need …

You know the saying. Indeed, let’s talk about technical support. Most of the time your Time&Space will work just fine. We have people using Time&Space for years without ever raising a single incident. If you take care of the usual good IT practices, you will not have much issues. But there is a catch. “Good […]

Flip-Flop Clocking

One amongst many Time&Space features is “automatic” or “toggle mode” or “flip-flop” time clocking. The idea is simple and quite popular: If you are in, you are obviously going out, and vice versa. So there is no need to press buttons selecting “IN” or “OUT”. You just flash your badge and that’s it. The software […]

Many small offices? Meet MATT!

Putting a full-spec time clock in every office can be costly, especially for a bunch of dispersed offices, each with just a handful of people. Up until now, a popular solution for budget clocking was our WCP (Web Clocking Portal) module. It can certainly save the day, but frankly, using an office computer to clock […]

Zone Touch Device revealed

The Zone Touch is Spica’s own product and is the successor of the Zone Button. As its name suggests, it is equipped with a colour LCD display that doubles as a capacitive touchscreen. Thanks to its modular design, the Zone Touch is actually a mixture of the Zone Button and the Zone Wing application, providing […]

Integration of VingCard Visionline

The integration of VingCard Visionline with Time&Space Systems is now in the final phase. VingCard Visionline is a wireless locking solution which operates in online mode with stand-alone hotel locks through Radio Frequency that is based on the Zigbee high-security open platform. The parent company of this locking solution is ASSA ABLOY, the world’s leading provider of […]

We now support TBS terminals

Time&Space 10.10 will support the integration of TBS terminals. The integration itself has been done by our CSP Team but it will be a part of Time&Space product. It is also of great importance because TBS company is a leading biometric manufacturer and solution provider, to whom large integrators trust and cooperate with.

Inactive employees do not affect the PIF license

With Time&Space version 10 Inactive employees no longer affect the PIF user license which means inactive users will no longer burden your budget. Besides that custom sorting on the Time schedules view is now user based making it more user-friendly. Sorting options can be set separately for every OS user. For more details check out the […]