Time & Attendance

Opening doors and recording on-site hours only scratches the surface. Your workforce is your biggest asset and labour is your biggest cost. So everything counts – every day, every hour and every minute.

For every employee, in every location, working from home or on the move.

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Access control

Every workspace needs at least some level of access control. That’s why access control is the basic building block of every Time&Space system. For instance, you can start with just a few main entrances and later, if needed, develop a more complex access system for as many doors as you need.

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Best together

Not surprisingly, we often regard security and workforce management as two separate organisational functions. As a matter of fact, they are normally performed by two different departments, Security and HRM, usually with different business goals, skills and responsibilities. However, many times and in many places access and time come very close together.
Sharing the same badges is just the tip of the iceberg. The interaction between time and access has become almost legendary. It turns out that each time an employee, intern, subcontractor, client or visitor enters a building, passes an access point or needs to clock time, there has to be some interaction between the two. That can lead to many points of integration between them, which can be quite a challenge.
Time&Space does this by nature, by being the one. Without sacrificing the autonomy of either half, Time&Space proves that time and access are Best together.

What kind of software do you need?

Access control software can be notoriously unfriendly, with myriads of hard to understand and rarely used parameters. On the other hand, time and attendance deals with a sea of numbers, sometimes intimidating to even the most skilled administrators…So, what do you need to look for?


Software modularity is the key for managing complex systems. Thanks to Time&Space’s modular structure, software modules can be added gradually as needed.


Time&Space software has practically unlimited growth capacity. It has been used in organisations with thousands of users spread over multiple geographical locations. At the same time, it can be in used in very small organisations or branch offices with equal success.


Time&Space software communications are IP based and allow both local and private hosted deployment. Web access is available for all frequent, day-to-day administration tasks.


There are no exotic or unusual requirements for deploying Time&Space. It is made for most conventional PC/Windows/IP network environments, with standard browser web access. The two most popular data platforms, Microsoft MSSQL and Oracle enjoy equal support.


Interoperability with Time&Space is provided on several levels: through built-in data exports, through a separate export utility, and through a dedicated IP based signalling utility. The ultimate level is provided through separate SDK’s (Software Development Kits) for Time and Space (Access) .

Industrial strength

Enterprise features such as application-level Audit Trail, the support for Active Directory (AD), and Single Sign On (SSO) capability make Time&Space an excellent choice, even for the most sophisticated IT environments.

User experience

With a powerful feature set, usability becomes a legitimate concern. Time&Space answers the challenge through data visualisation, complexity hiding principles and optimised bulk data handling. The end result is a first-class user experience with panoramic vision and real-time control.


Our EU origin has made us especially aware of the language challenge. The software can be translated into virtually any locale by the national distributor, reseller, integrator or even by the end-user. The translations are incremental, so they can follow software versions.

Version 10 features

T&S v10


Version 10 is mostly about developing support for the well balanced selection of devices and readers. We think now we have one of the best 3rd party hardware portfolios in the industry with highest level of integration. And more is to come.

• Support for Morpho Sigma Lite fingerprint readers

After providing full support for Morpho Sigma biometric terminal in version 8.50, access control was the next logical step. Newly released Sigma Lite biometric readers are now fully supported for access control. The support for the time recording capabilities of Sigma Lite+ is planned for the next version, 10.10.

• Support for Aperio wireless locks (IP hub support)

Spica is working closely with Assa Abloy on integration with their Aperio line of wireless locks. Version 10.0 provides support for integration via Aperio IP Hub. We see Aperio integration as strategic and we will have even more news like this soon.

• New application for Android Time Terminals (Spica ATT)*

Android is coming fast to time terminals. ATT is Spica’s answer to this challenge. If you want, now you will be able to use almost any smartphone or tablet with NFC reader as your time clock. More information is here.

• Support for MATT, Managed Android Time Terminal by Famoco*

As exciting as it may look at first, ​​​​not just any consumer device can be used as your next time clock. (Note the word “almost” above.) So after some research, we have picked our 1st choice for the “standard” Android terminal. It is coming from the professional market, and it is a managed device, both very important details.

• Support for IrisID biometric time clock

We have added support for IrisID terminals for time recording. As you probably know, iris identification is the most accurate biometric method that should answer to some most demanding requirements. More information is available upon request.

• Milestone XProtect native client integration*

With version 8 we have integrated Milestone video surveillance into Time&Space access control software client. Version 10 also brings the opposite, the integration of Time&Space access control into Milestone XProtect software client. Now both clients can offer both access control and video surveillance. For more information see here.


Our core development focus for version 10 was mostly access control. That may mean that the next time, the big news will come from the time and attendance side…

• Access Control Toggle Mode

This has been taken directly from our top requests list. It allows users to toggle door mode between being permanently closed or permanently opened, within a certain time frame.

• Additional door I/O configurations

Without going into too much technical detail, this feature allows you to collect say, 10 inputs signals from one Zone Door device.

• Advanced badge and profile management

Multiple user credentials can sometimes create quite complex management situations. This feature change makes managing multiple user credentials and associated access profiles much faster and easier.

• New Access Control Agent

The service providing real-time coordination between access control, time & attendance and 3rd party modules has been rewritten and improved in several ways. Among other things it now allows 3rd party plugins.


• Enhanced Data Security

Protection of the data integrity is especially important when collecting personal data. The access to Time&Space data have been restricted and is now available solely through the Time&Space SDK. More information.

• New notification service

We have rebuilt and improved the real-time engine for the access control communications and signalling. Now it is much easier to implement and support various notification schemes and services.

• New Time&Space SDK (limited pre-release)

We have brand new Software Development Kit. Time recording part and essentials for access controls are covered, the rest of the access control kit is coming with 10.10. More information is here.

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